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The Miracle of Nature

We grow most of our blooms from seed starting as early as December the previous year. Caring for baby seedlings from germination to maturity is an amazing experience that never gets old. Bearing witness to the emergence of a beautiful flower from something as unappealing as a bulb, tuber, or corm is also mind blowing. It is no wonder why flowers are engrained with our life stories, experiences, and emotions


The flowers of Spring seem even more beautiful after a cold and dark winter. We grow a variety of tulips including lily, double, fringed and parrot in every color you can imagine. We also grow a variety of delightful ranunculus "buittercups", free-spirited anemones, lilacs, hydrangeas, unique daffodils, hellebores "lenten rose", bachelor buttons, nigella, dara, bupleurum, honeysuckle, larkspur, fragrant peonies, columbine, and sweet peas-just to name a few! The roses are usually beginning their first flush at this time alongside the delphinium shoots reaching for the sky



Summer seems to be owned by the glorious flush of roses- hybrid tea, floribunda, grandiflora, David Austin english roses and climbers to name a few-their beauty cannot be denied. But they will not shadow the beauty of dahlias, zinnias, celosia, amaranthus, lilies, lisianthus and sunflowers. These lovelies all have one thing in common- they love the summer heat and thrive on being in the sun to achieve copious blooms. We grow many varieties of rare and well known tender annual & perennial favorites which are featured in our bouquets. I like to cut a rose bouquet for the house for some aromatherapy. Take time to smell the roses in summer- you will be happy that you did!



As the days become shorter and colder in anticipation for the big sleep, the flowers are on their final show which can be the most beautiful time of the growing season on the farm. The dahlias and zinnias are in full flush and the roses are coming back along with many cool season flowers for a second and third show. It is a bittersweet time - sweet because we need the rest but bitter saying goodbye to all the stunning beauty the season brings

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